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Posted on: June 28, 2008 8:46 am

OK all u football fans out there i have heard a bunch of u mostly seahawk or pats or brown fans say that all steeler fans r bandwagons.

 Well most almost all of them arent for example when we went 6-10 that god aweful season well a sell out every home game that season and ever sense is real bandwagon. If anyone is a bandwagon is the fans in Massachusetts the people went to the celtics games to c the other team play until now and the patriot fans just like them because they went 14-2 amd won the superbowl or went 16-0 ok so thats how boston and new england fans r bandwagon but i gotta say even though i hate boston to the bone they have real fans not bandwagoners.

 So lets talk about my teams i already said the steelers so lets go with the yankees i was raised a yankees fan i could change baseball teams but not football teams i had to like te steelers so yea my brother decided to go to the daark side and go with the red sox cause he likes manny and ortiz. Now the cavs i didn't start liking or should i say watching basketball really until LeBron was drafted now i guess u could say i am a bandwagon but i really don't think so u tell me. Just like i like the cavs when lebron was drafted i dont like hockey but i cheer 4 the penguins becuse of sidney crosby so i dont care 4 hockey and collage sports the illni because of juice williams. i can't wai to see what u guys/gals say so seee ya 4 now

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